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Meet Alex

Part 2/4

Okay, let’s see what we got here.


Google Analytics (GA) is setup but haven’t really looked closely at the reports so far. Only checked for stuff like numbers of visits and visitors.

I’ll go deeper now to look for some user patterns.

[Click, click, click]

Geez, there’s a LOT of reports in here. Way more than I know what to do with. A lot of info about:

  • new vs repeating visitors

  • traffic sources

  • pages my site visitors are seeing,

  • devices, browsers they’re using,

  • screen resolutions,

  • how much time they spent on site,

  • their age, gender…

Ok, this data is nice but I can’t find anything ACTIONABLE in MY case. Whatever, don’t have the time to agonize over Google Analytics right now, let’s see the reports the ad agency sent over.


His agency bids in Adwords for keywords like

  • ‘free invoicing tool’

  • ‘invoicing software’

  • ‘invoicing app’

They send Alex twice a month reports for both Google and Facebook ads with:

  • the number of impressions,

  • clicks,

  • click through rates

  • cost per click,

  • number of conversions,

  • costs per conversion 

Alex goes diligently after those reports and it seems the cost of acquiring a trial user is a bit higher in Facebook than via Google.

AHA! Finally something Alex can put to work.

The competitive juice starts to flow

So lets cut 30% of the Facebook ads budget. I’ll use that money to try out new adwords campaigns that bid on keywords that name my competitors. 

My product basically does the same thing and its way cheaper. So maybe it won’t be that hard (not expensive either) to still some clients from the competition.


Having checked that, let’s get to the next level of getting feedback.


I should collect some feedback from the site. Got this little tool that allows me to ask users for feedback. Hmm, but what exactly should I ask them? I’ll just say ‘Please give us your feedback’. Should do.

I will also blast out a little survey to users. Main thing I’m interested in finding out is:

  • How do they like the app?

  • What would they like us to improve about it.

I will send an invitation via email to all the people that ever signed up for Invoicing X and use Google Forms to collect the data.

Two days later, Alex has around 200 survey responses. The feedback says that generally the product ‘is okay‘ Improvements suggest that the product should be ‘easier to use‘ initially and they suggest several new features.


Since I have the users contacts I will randomly pick and get personally on the phone with a couple of them. Sounds like the scariest thing I could ever do but I’m really curios to what they have to say. Let’s do this [dialing the number]:

A 1 to 1 interview example over the phone


AlexHi there, my name is Alex from Invoicing X. Since you signed up for our app a couple of weeks ago I had a couple of questions about your experience. Do you have have two minutes available?
User: Ah, okay.

AlexGreat, thanks [pheww]. So how do you like our app so far?
User: It’s okay. Only logged in a couple of time but it’s ok.

Alex[Pff…] Can you be a little more specific?
User: Well… couldn’t really say anything in particular. Haven’t used it enough to give a detailed answer. But as a first impression seems fine.

AlexAnything you’d like us to improve?
User: Aaah, not really sure. If I were to really give an answer I guess the ease of use.

Alex[What?!] I see. What exactly have you found difficult?
User: Can’t really say, it was just my overall feeling after signing up. After clicking around for a couple of minutes I was ok. 

AlexI understand [I guess]. Thank you very much for your time.
User: Welcome.



The second call will be pretty much similar.

Those conversations were supposed to be much more enlightening.


As Alex is putting together the qualitative feedback he got from the surveys and the two strange phone conversation he’s thinking:

  • On one side they say ‘its okay’ which is nice to know but doesn’t really help by the way. Doesn’t tell me anything specifically.

  • On the other hand, some of them complain about the ease of use mostly in the beginning. But again, barely anything articulated so that I know what exactly to improve.

  • Do they really cannot use an app this simple? I mean I tested it several times and everything is pretty straightforward. Are users really THAT STUPID?!? If they’re so dumb there’s really nothing I can do. Let them use some other app.

  • However, two of the features suggested in the surveys make sense. I actually thought about this myself. I never set out to do them because they’re harder to do and they will take me at least a month and a half to complete. But now I have the validation. Those features might change everything. They could be the missing piece from the puzzle.

Bring it on baby, let’s get to work.