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Zona plictisitoare

About me

I started out at 19 as a life insurance sales agent.

Later on, I spent most of my early twenties doing corporate sales, mostly cold calling potential clients.

Now selling life insurance as a 19 year old and cold calling corporate clients were brutal places to be in. The frustration can be horrible.

And they’re just crappy ways to make sales.

However, turns out they were great places to LEARN how to sell.

It’s how I got many of the things the average marketers or entrepreneurs simply don’t get.

Like taking yourself/your beliefs/your ego out of the equation and really get into your clients’ head.


See the world, your business and your product through THEIR lenses.

NOT yours.

So my approach today of growing an online business is largely built on a deep level of client empathy.

When you are emotionally dettached, egoless. Only focused on core value and ruthlessly cut off everything else.

It’s what enabled my greatest successes, some of which are:

1. Growing ibVPN from a lean startup to an established VPN provider serving +500.000 users in +150 countries.

2. Rebuilding the ecommerce platform of Farmec, the largest romanian cosmetics brand to support their growth past the 1 milion EUR / year online revenue.

3. Leading a crazy crowdfunding campaign that took a small hardware startup from completely unknown to the no 1 position on Indiegogo in just three weeks.

I prefer the simple life, under the radar.

I leave in a village near Tîrgu Mureș, Romania with my wife and kids.

I gave up my growth marketing agency in 2015 to be able to spend more time with them.Since then, I look at my four children as to my favourite startups and to my wife as the supreme co-founder.

If it weren’t for them I would have over-worked my way to self destruction.

Yup, deep down I’m a workaholic.

I have a natural tendency to obsess over work while absolutely ignoring even the most basic fundamentals of life.

Hey, none of us are perfect 🙂

Going forward

I think in funnels and kanban boards.

I learned the most by studying the thinking of direct response titans Jay Abraham and Gary Bencivenga.

Sometimes I am for hire as an on demand marketing manager. My main areas of expertise are related to conversion optimization – analytics, copywriting and user experience. My favorite acquisition channel is email.

Recently,  I started mentoring projects and developed a course to help managers get the overview they need about digital marketing. 

Besides helping digital businesses grow, I’m working for the most difficult client there is – myself.


Yours for growth,

Marius Pop.

PS. If you’re still reading this, it means we’d probably enjoy a conversation over coffee sometimes.

Feel free to drop me a line at me[at]