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Part 4/4: The results


Alex tweaked the ad campaigns.  He also worked hard to built the two new features. Doing those took a month a half longer then expected due to little technical things that got in the way. And when they finally went live, didn’t make much of an impact.

Why not? He had users asking for those features in the surveys.

Two main reasons:

  • First, when users complained over the phone and in the surveys about ease of use that signaled an onboarding issue. Sadly, Alex was not savvy enough to isolate it. Poor onboarding will make it so that users will get lost before ever seeing the (new) bells and whistles you put together.

  • Second, Alex sent the survey to ALL users. Never do that. It makes it impossible to know who exactly is giving the feedback. The opinion of the user paying for your product should not be treated the same as the opinion of a guy who created a free account two months ago and never came back.

He went over a lot of data via Google Analytics and made surveys but it didn’t help. Couldn’t really make sense of them.

So Alex is still in the dark, scratching his head. Wondering what the hell is going on and what can he do next.


On the other hand, Danny had a couple of the right tools. In his case, most of them didn’t even cost a dime. He also knew how to use them to get meaningful answers.

Armed with those, Danny managed to:
• probably get over 50% extra paying users
• find his most profitable niche and best use cases
• massively grew ad spent return
• identified new targeted channels to start testing
• get clear on what features the right users would actually use, love and keep paying for.

To sum it up.

I guess Danny ‘won’

That being said…

Hope you found value in this story. The point was to give you a glimpse on how marketing savvy founders operate. And how you probably need to start thinking too if you want to make the most of your business.

Guys like Danny will always get better results than guys like Alex. Because the Danny’s of the world have a bit of an (unfair) advantage.


  • They don’t just randomly go over analytics reports. They have a process for systematically help them get the actionable feedback they need.

  • They know to combine multiple forms of feedback (quantitative and qualitative in this case)

  • They ask smarter questions so that they find more valuable answers.

  • They know what tool to use in every situation to get actionable feedback.


If you want to be more like Danny, there are two things you can do:

1. You can sign up for my online course in which I teach you pretty much everything you need to enter your clients mind.

2. You can contact me to act like a Danny inside your company.  I’m rarely available for new projects but I do my best to be available at least for an interesting conversation 

Yours for growth,

Marius Pop.